Traveling in Australia I : the beginning of my journey

Traveling in Australia I : the beginning of my journey

On the 28th of January, David and I took the plane to Brisbane, Australia. We will be traveling for six months. This is the first time doing something like this for the both of us, so we were both very excited. Now we have been here for 3 weeks and I decided to share my experiences so far.

First impression

The first three weeks have been great. I love the people here, the vibe. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Australia, even if it is a small part that I have seen, is beautiful. Even in a big city like Brisbane, there is a lot of nature, for example in the city gardens.

A lot of people told me that Australia is super expensive. This didn’t scare me off, because few of them (or none) actually visited Australia themselves. I soon found out what the real case is. Grocery shopping is very much the same in the Netherlands when it comes to the prices. The same thing counts for eating in a restaurant/café/bar. The only thing that is a lot more expensive here is alcohol (which I don’t drink often anyway). There are ways to avoid spending 10$ for a beer. Almost every bar has happy hour. So even drinking doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Of course, if you go for breakfast, a coffee, lunch and dinner it is very expensive. But this would be the same in the Netherlands. I figured that it is very similar to back home.

Australia is a vegan paradise. Almost every restaurant has vegan options and there are a lot of vegan restaurants, stores and cafés. Tomorrow I will visit my first vegan market ever, and of course I will write about this later.


Such a safe place…

I found a place to live for the first few months very quick. The place is lovely and it is shared with a few other people so there is someone around almost every time. However, after maybe two days our house got broken into. The burglars took my backpack, laptop, camera’s and the worst thing that could happen: my passport. After a call with the police I was already contacting my insurance company and the embassy, when the strangest thing ever happened. The police called that all of our stuff was found, because they arrested the burglars. After two days I had all my stuff back. Definitely a strange experience, but now a funny story to tell.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

One of the most beautiful experiences so far was our visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This is world’s largest and first koala sanctuary, and it is not only the home of koalas, there are a lot of other Australian animals as well. This was definitely on my bucket list and I had the best time. I even had the chance to hold a koala and to pet a kangaroo.


What is up next….

This was just a short update. It is my birthday in a few days and we are planning to go on a trip to celebrate. We have been in Brisbane for a while now and want to visit more places. I will also share a lot of vegan hotspots here. I will keep you updated…..

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