Vegan grocery shopping

Vegan grocery shopping

There are many (pre) judgments about a vegan diet. Something I often hear is: it is certainly very expensive, is not it? Or: it seems so difficult to about what to eat! I will show you today that this doesn’t have to be the case with a mini vegan grocery shopping course!


The (pre)judgements

I understand some (pre)judgments very well. I used to think that way. But it does’t really matter: a vegan diet doesn’t have to be more expensive or more difficult than you make it yourself! Just like with every lifestyle. You can make it as crazy as you want. But, like many people of my age, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on groceries. To make things easier for you I will tell you my do’s & don’ts, tips and essentials for vegan grocery shopping.


Do’s & don’ts

To begin with, I give you a number of do’s and don’ts. This is a very important basis and will help you tremendously if you want to eat vegan (more often).


  • Do not think too difficult! Try to stay close to what you like. You don’t have to go straight to a vegan super food diet with all kinds of ingredients that you didn’t even know the name of before. Make it easy for yourself to just get used to something different.
  • Get a base at home. And fortunately for you, I have that basis at the bottom of this post! Make sure you always have a standard stock that you can use, such as pasta, rice and oatmeal. This may be a bit more expensive once, but you don’t have to worry about it for the time being.
  • You don’t necessarily have to be all or nothing. This doesn’t work for everyone. First, try to eat a few days a week to eat vegan, or for example only your breakfast. This makes so much difference. It also ensures that you gradually get used to it and so you can build it up at your own pace.


  • Don’t give up too quickly! Have you made a number of dishes that you didn’t really like? Don’t think that vegan food isn’t delicious right away! It may be that you just haven’t made the things you like. Just try as many things as possible.
  • Do not immediately spend a lot of money on “fake meat” or “fake cheese”. These substitutes are often expensive and you don’t need them at all. For example, if you want to make pasta, you don’t always have to buy fake minced meat. Choose for lentils or chickpeas instead. Of course it is important to treat yourself regularly with a tasty burger! I certainly do.


Tips and tricks

There are a number of things that help me to do cheap vegan grocery shopping.

  1. First of all, I try to get fruit and vegetables on the market. This is not only cheaper, but you also save a lot of plastic packaging.
  2. Secondly, this thought often helps me: what did I like to do in the past? Do I, for example, feel like pizza? Then I just make the pizza exactly how I would make it before I was vegan, only without cheese. Do I feel like pasta pesto? Then I make it exactly the same way, only with vegan pesto and without cheese! A pitta sandwich with gyros? Maybe now with falafel instead! So you can actually make everything you ate before. If people ask me: gosh vegan, what do you eat? Then I answer: everything, only a little different than before.
  3. Plan your meals. This actually applies to everyone who goes grocery shopping. It saves so much money if you know what you want to make / eat and that way you avoid unnecessarily buying things or forgetting something and have to go back to the supermarket. Lucky for you, I have a pre made shopping list for you!


Essentials and a pre-made vegan grocery shopping list

Finally, I want to talk about my favorite essentials at home. There are always a number of things I get into the house once in a while. These are products that I use almost every day and can not miss. I keep these in storage jars. Think of rice, oatmeal, pasta. But also seeds, seeds and nuts, such as linseed, chia seed and so on. Here you will find a pre-made vegan grocery shopping list, with which you can try to eat vegan for a few days.

vegan grocery shopping      vegan grocery shopping

vegan grocery shopping

The recipes you can try are:
Breakfast: oatmeal with banana | yoghurt with oatmeal and nuts | overnight oats | chunky monkey breakfast

Lunch: for lunch I usually just make sandwich with peanut butter or hummus and some vegetables. You can also enjoy lunch with the soup you made the night before!

Dinner: pita with falafel and homemade garlic sauce | pumpkin soup | pasta arrabiata | spicy & fresh rice bowl 

Snacks: I eat some dark chocolate with my tea every night. I have some hummus with cucumbers or carrots when I feel like snacking in the evening.


I also made a video about vegan grocery shopping on my Youtube channel! Make sure to watch it too! I really hope that this post can help you with trying more vegan food. Make someone smile today!


Lots of love,


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