Sustainable Wardrobe Part 1: the start

Sustainable Wardrobe Part 1: the start

Clothes have always been very important to me. I find it super fun to spend time on my outfits and to experiment with all kinds of styles. In the past few years I have had many periods, with many different types of clothing. Especially: a lot of different clothes. Not very sustainable…


My endless wardrobe

From the moment I received “clothing money” from my parents, I grew up to be a fanatical (online) shopper, where in the last few years I could not keep track of how many clothes I bought. Every month there was something new in my closet. Yet I always had the feeling that I had no clothes to put on. This will be a very recognizable feeling for many people, and I think especially girls. I bought mainly from large chains such as Zara, Mango and H & M and also shopped a lot online at sites such as Zalando and Bijenkorf. Especially sales were a sensitive point, for example: if a sweater that I didn’t need was discounted from € 80 to € 40 then there was still space available in my wardrobe. At a certain point it became so bad that one order was not yet received and the next one was already being placed. That was the moment I realized that something had to change.



The last couple of months I am busy saving money so I had already decided not to spend money on new clothes. In addition, I had discovered a podcast on Spotify called Het Groene Hart Van (translation: the green heart of). In this podcast (famous) Dutch people talk about their passion for sustainability in various fields. The subject of minimalism came up regularly. I was familiar with the term, but didn’t know much about it. It attracted attention and I started to think more and more about the things that I did and did not use. With regard to my wardrobe I came to the discovery (using the 80/20 rule):
80 percent of the time I wear only 20 percent of my clothes.

After a number of podcasts, I went to Netflix to search for documentaries about the clothing industry. I came across the documentary The True Cost. This documentary focuses on the so-called fast fashion industry and what the actual price is that we pay for our cheap clothes. For those who do not know the documentary, I would really recommend it, if only to know where the majority of (my clothes in any case) comes from.


In shock

I was completely in shock by the documentary, although I already knew it somewhere in my mind. There have been enough news reports about the conditions in which clothes from big chains such as Zara and H & M are made, but I still remained sensitive to the low prices and the greed in me was stronger.


The start

But this is going to change! From now on (actually a few days ago) I will take you with me on my journey to a sustainable wardrobe. I will take a look at my wardrobe and remove clothes (read, donate) or sell. In addition, I am going to look for sustainable brands and stores and I will share these with you. Hopefully I can inspire you to make more sustainable choices when it comes to your closet.

Stay tuned!

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