My top tips for a healthy diet

My top tips for a healthy diet

These days, everyone wants to be as healthy and fit as possible. Everyone wants to follow the latest trends and be up to date with the hippest food. This is not bad thing. But thanks to all sorts of reports and trends, we no longer know what we have to believe. And that while eating healthy and taking good care of yourself is so important and actually very simple. That’s why I give you my tips for a healthy diet.

Why I want to share my tips for a healthy diet

I have always enjoyed cooking very much. From the age of 12 I’ve had to cook dinner one day a week. My mother came up with this, so that my brother and I could both cook when we would leave home. We were always allowed to choose what we were going to eat, as long as we made it ourselves. Of course with a little help. Because of this I started to like cooking more and more. Around the age of 17 I started to focus more on nutrition. I first came in contact with the word “superfood”. A whole series of certain diets followed, many of which didn’t made me healthier.

Eventually I decided to become vegan. I have not always had a good relationship with food. But since I am vegan it has gradually improved. I have studied nutrition by myself. Knowing what you put into your body is so important. At the moment I feel fitter and happier than ever. That is why I would like to share my tips for a healthy diet with you. Many of these tips are super logical. But it is good to hear them again.

Tip 1: Get to know your body. And listen to it.

First, it is super important that you learn what your body wants. What do you feel when you are thirsty? What do you feel when you are hungry? Do you actually know the difference? Many people don’t know this. It can therefore help to drink a good glass of water first if you think you are hungry. Maybe it’s over after that which means you were just thirsty. If not, you have to listen to your body and eat something!

Tip 2: Eat whole foods. Try to stay away from added sugars

I base my diet on as many whole foods as possible. When I do my shopping I buy as little processed food as I can. I prefer not to buy anything with more than 5 to 10 ingredients. Pasta sauces, cookies, chips, pre-made things. It all contains a lot of added sugars and salt and ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Making things fresh is much tastier and when you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

tips for a healthy diet

Tip 3: Don’t count! Eat until you are full.

Many people think that you need to eat a certain number of calories to lose weight or to gain muscle. This often causes a very bad relationship with food. For example, if you have had a breakfast with a good 3 to 4 fruit, it is probably quite rich in calories. Imagine that afterwards you feel like having a snack. You are going to punish yourself because otherwise you might get too many calories. I speak from experience. As long as you just eat whole foods, it really doesn’t matter how many pieces of fruit you eat, how large your portions are. My tip is: Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full.

Tip 4: Fruit is your friend, not your enemy.

For some reason people often think that you can only eat 3 pieces of fruit in one day. Otherwise you would get too much sugar. I am not going to bother you with a scientific foundation, if you are interested, click here for more information. The bottom line is that you can eat up to 20 pieces of fruit per day and have no negative health consequences. On the contrary, it is super healthy, fruit is full of vitamin and fiber. Every time I feel like having a healthy snack, I grab a bowl of fruit. A little cinnamon on top of it and you have a super healthy snack!

Tip 5: Enjoy your treat day, and don’t call it a cheat day

The day on which you let yourself go and don’t worry about your diet is often called a cheat day. This has such a negative tone of voice. I prefer to call it a treat day! Above all, don’t feel guilty after such a day. You simply reward yourself with some goodies and that is not bad at all if you do this every once in a while.

tips for a healthy diet

Tip 6: Get to know your snack cravings: sweet or savory

Personally I am really a sweet lover. My snacks are therefore often sweet. I used to eat whole packs of cookies. Preferably within one hour. After that I always felt super bad. If you want something sweet (or savory), then you should listen to this. But, try to make healthy snacks for yourself, instead of unhealthy pre-made things. A number of my favorite snacks can be found on my site. For example, filled dates, or bliss balls. Get to know yourself. What do you prefer to snack on? Try to find a healthy and easy answer to your cravings.

My most important advise is: listen to your body. When you eat healthy whole plant based foods, I am sure that your body will respond to this. It makes your body happier and more energetic. But don’t be too strict either. It is not bad at all to treat yourself every now and then. Eating healthy is something that should make you happy, not something that is confusing.

I hope you have benefited from my tips for a healthy diet. For questions you can always leave a comment.

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