I decided to learn how to surf! My journey, part one.

I decided to learn how to surf! My journey, part one.

Our next stop is Agnes Water. It is known to be a great spot to learn how to surf. We have been looking forward to this for months. David and I both really want to learn how to surf. We decided to take our first surf lesson at Reef 2 Beach surf school, and we fell in love with it!

Agnes Water

One of my best friends (and Davids sister) traveled in Australia three years ago. She told us to go to Agnes Water for surf lessons so that is why we knew where to go. Reef 2 Beach surf school is known to be very good, very professional, and very cheap! We booked through bookme.com and it was only $17 for three hours (!!). The groups are pretty big though, but if you want to learn the basics of surfing, this school is perfect. 

Surf lesson one

At our first lesson we were told that it takes between 600 and 800 waves before you aren’t a beginner anymore. So that is my goal, I want to take between 600 and 800 waves. And I want to share my journey with you guys. The first day was a lot of fun. We started on the beach, like most surf lessons. We got the basic “surf ethics”, what to do when you wipe out, how to stand up etc. At the end of the day, we were all able to stand up. 

The surf coach, JD, told us that they would advice two to three surf lessons with a professional coach before you go in to the water to practice yourself. So David and I decided to take one more lesson. 

Surf lesson two 

So the next day, we decided to take a rest day. I had pain, all over my body. It was such a weird pain in my shoulders, I never make these kind of movements. The day after our rest day we went back to the surf school and took our second lesson. This is a little strange because it is exactly the same as your first one. So the beginning may be a little boring for you, but JD made it fun anyway. 

I knew what to expect so when I didn’t get up the first few times I got super frustrated. David told me to take a rest and when I came back it got so much better. We had a lot of fun in the water again, and decided to hire a board ourselves for the next day. 

learn how to surf

Practicing on our own

The pain in my body wasn’t that bad after our second surf lesson so we decided to hire a board for the next day. Normally, it costs $25 for a whole day, but because Grom is such an amazing guy (the owner of the surf shop), we got it until the next morning. Now we were able to surf two more times. We practiced a lot and I am able to stand up in whitewater all the time now (which is also known as a broken waves). 

But you do want to go for the unbroken waves, not the broken ones. This is where it gets a little harder. You can practice your balance and standing up on whitewater, but ones you’ve done that a 100 times, you want to get an unbroken wave. I tried this the last morning of surfing and I got a few of them. However, most of the times a was a little too late or I was only able to stand up for a few seconds. 

I think I had about 200 waves now, so I am on my way to 600! But I still have a long way to go. We are now traveling up north to Cairns, so we won’t be able to surf the upcoming three weeks. But when we are back south, we are definitely going back into the water and practice again, so I will update you guys on my learn how to surf journey!

I also made a video on my YouTube channel so make sure to check this out as well!

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