The thought that reading is good for you is no news. I myself felt that I did not spend enough time reading so I decided to buy some books a while ago. Today I share my favorite books with you guys.


Favorite books

Since recently I try to read at least half an hour every night before sleeping and to put my mobile away. I also try to read more and more during the day. In the past, I would never have made time for it, but now that is increasingly successful. Choosing a good book will of course help with that. I own non-fiction books. I like things about health, spirituality or nature. Choosing a good book is difficult, especially if you are not really a reader. I therefore share my favorite books of the last time. Who knows, maybe it’s something for you too! (Most books I bought are in Dutch but I am sure you can find an English version of them too)


Zijn we slim genoeg om te weten hoe slim dieren zijn? – Frans de Waal 

In his book Zijn we slim genoeg om te weten hoe slim dieren zijn, biologist Frans de Waal tells us in an incredibly fun, understandable way about animal intelligence. If you are an animal lover, it is very pleasant to read this book. On the basis of all sorts of scientific experiments with animals, Frans de Waal shows that animals are often much more intelligent than we think. What I also like about the book is that it looks critically at the intelligence of the human being. We think that we are the most intelligent beings on earth, but it is only in what perspective you look at it and under what circumstances it is looked at. Each animal has its own form of intelligence and applies this in its own way. It is really a feel good book.


Eating animals – Jonathan Safran Foer 

A slightly less feel good book, but really interesting to read is eating animals. The writer Jonathan Safran Foer started writing about and researching the eating of meat after he his son was born. He wanted to know where meat comes from. As a vegan this is only confirmation to read why you do not eat meat and eggs (little attention is paid to dairy products). I have occasionally put the book aside, because I simply found it so awful to read. Anyway, it is very interesting and very beautiful described. The book is in English.

favorite books

Vind je ikigai – Héctor Garcia & Francesc Miralles

A sequel to their book Ikigai, which means the reason for your existence or your life’s passion, is find your Ikigai. A kind of guide to putting your life passion into practice. How do you find this and how do you ensure that you live on it every day. I love to read these kinds of books and get a lot of energy from them. I already know what my passion is (this blog and everything I share with you guys). This book helps with all kinds of tips, for both your work and school as well as your social life and relationships. I would advise everyone to read this.

favorite books
A piece from “vind je ikigai”


Self-care – Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips 

I have recently purchased this book. It is a very easy and relaxing book to read and it revolves around taking good care of yourself and loving yourself. It is full of tips and advice and is perfect to occasionally read in. Also the design is beautiful, I always find this important.


Het kleine boek vol mindfulness – Tiddy Rowan

The last book I would like to share is this little book full of mindfulness. This book has a place on my nightstand and is perfect for reading a few pages before sleeping. It is full of quotes, tips and exercises to train mindfulness and it helps you to learn the first steps of mindfulness.


favorite books
A piece from “het kleine boek vol mindfulness”

These are my recent favorite books. They are all for sale via bol.com and you can find them immediately via the link of the titles. I would really like it if you also know / read one of my favorite books so please let me know! ?

Lots of love,


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