It is our last week in Brisbane before we leave for our road trip. That means that I have to say goodbye to all of my favorite hotspots in Brisbane. And last night it got even harder, because a new one is added to the list!


The street we live in has a lot of great cafes, bars and restaurants. We’ve visited quit a lot of them. But there are still a few ones that we walk by every day. And every time I tell David: we still need to visit this one.

So, last night when David told me that he was taking me out for dinner and that I could choose the place I knew where to go: MisoHapi. MisoHapi is a ramen and sushi bar. It is not very big, a few tables inside and two outside. It has this typical bar with sushi moving all around and it looks super cool and street stylish. And, most important: they have a lot of vegan options!


The sushi struggle

The problem with sushi, and especially eating sushi in a restaurant, is that you are not always sure if the vegetarian options are also vegan. For example: the tempura layer they often use in dishes could be vegan. But sometimes it contains eggs.

Another problem is that sometimes they don’t have a lot of options at all. I’ve had a lot of evenings consisting of avocado and cucumber rolls only.

Vegan options at MisoHapi

So when I checked out the menu of MisoHapi I got so excited right away. They not only have vegan ramen and rice dishes, but also a lot of vegan sushi. They have a whole section on their menu only showing vegetarian options, and a lot of them have a V+ which means vegan.

I had the Yaki Veggie Don rice bowl, and it was so good and so big! It was filled with a lot of veggies and this bowl only would’ve been enough for me. But of course I got some more things and my favorite vegan sushi I’ve had so far was their Garden Roll. This roll was filled with asparagus, paprika and carrots and topped with avocado. It may sounds a little strange but it was the best thing ever! We also tried a sun-dried tomato and tofu roll. Super strange to me as well, sun-dried tomato in a sushi roll. But it tasted amazing. As always we also had the avocado and cucumber roll and some edamame.

Unfortunately I was pretty full after the rice bowl so I didn’t try more things. I already want to go back and if we are in Brisbane in Juli, I might go back here for dinner. The price/quality ratio was so good. We only had to pay $51,00 and we had a lot! David is still full from last night.

If you are in Brisbane and in the mood for sushi or ramen make sure to check this place out. You can check out their website here.

Lots of love,

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