Zero-waste shopping!

Zero-waste shopping!

Back in the Netherlands, I was already really trying to make more sustainable choices when it comes to grocery shopping. I brought my own paper bags to the supermarket to put fruits and vegetables in. I also learned about the zero-waste movement, and today I visited a zero-waste store.


A few months ago, one of my best friends, Kimberley, told me that she really wanted to start a zero-waste supermarket. The problem was that she didn’t have enough time and money to start it. I really liked the idea of a zero-waste shop. In many podcast I listened to this new movement was part of the conversation.

This morning I was watching a YouTube video of Bonny Rebecca (I really like her). She was talking about this Bulk Foods store. She lives in the Gold Coast, which is not far away from here so I figured that there might be one in Brisbane as well. I was right, there is one just in the area where I live. Only 1 kilometer away from my house. I decided to go today.

The Source Bulk Foods

The place is called The Source Bulk Foods. They have stores all over Australia. I really liked the style of the store. Very clean, very trendy. They sold all kinds of stuff. Grains, nuts and seeds, oils, pasta. I needed some buckwheat and oatmeal, but mostly I just wanted to look around.

It is super simple to shop: you just need to grab a (paper) bag, fill it with the product of your choice and write the product code on the bag. Every product is priced per kilo and there are scales everywhere so you can easily control how much you spend.

I just looked around for a bit and saw so many products. It was hard for me not to buy things that I didn’t need. I felt kind of sad that I already had so much at home, like rice and pasta. But the next time I that need to buy it I will definitely get it here.

What I got

I didn’t buy much this time because, like I said, I already had a lot of stuff back home. These are the things I got:
– activated buckwheat
– puffed buckwheat
– oats
– mixed nuts
– almonds covered in dark chocolate (omg these are the best)
– a bag that says: one less plastic bag!

What surprised me was that this wasn’t expensive at all, except for the almonds. But these are just a treat and they will probably last me long so I am happy to pay a little more for it.


From now on, I will definitely do parts of my shopping here from and I am so happy that I found this place. Super excited to share it with you guys too! Lots of inspiration…… Till next time!

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