How to deal with rejections: getting rejected from college twice…

How to deal with rejections: getting rejected from college twice…

Sometimes it seems as if the entire universe works with you. You get your high school diploma, do a follow-up study, get your diploma again. Life is all good and fun. And sometimes … Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it to and you get rejected twice by the university where you want to do a master programme. This happened to me last year. And today I’m going to give you my tips on how to deal with rejections.

I got rejected from college, twice.

Everything always went quit good for me. My high school time went well and I had good grades. I decided to do a follow-up study and graduated last July. This also went fairly easily for me. The school system in the Netherlands is different from the rest of the world, but I got my Bachelor of Arts in Business Innovation. I wanted to get a university master’s degree, so I applied for a programme in Utrecht.

In all those years I have never been drawn or rejected for anything. It is not as if it all went easy for me, I also worked hard for it. For this application, I had to write a motivational letter, I needed two letters of recommendation and I had to pass an English exam. I did all of these things, but I had to wait for the results of the Cambridge English exam. Unfortunately it was a “first comes, first served” system. So the earlier in the year you applied, the better your chances of acceptance were. I got rejected…

Where we are now

I decided to take a “gap year” and started working in a restaurant. Then David told me that he could do his semester abroad, in Australia, and I decided to come with him. I knew that I wanted to try again this year so while we were here I applied for the same programme again. Because I already had all the documents from last year, I knew I was going to be early. I had a good feeling about it and I was already picturing me going to uni.

how to deal with rejections

Then I received an email, saying that I was rejected, again… The reason this time was that my former education didn’t fit well enough. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was pretty devastated. I had no idea what to do next.

My tips on how to deal with rejections

So, after a few days of disappointment I decided not to let this stop me. Let me give you some encouraging words and tips on how to deal with rejections. The first thing you need to realize is:

1.It is probably not meant to be. You don’t really belong here. It needed to be this way.

This is hard at first, but this helped me so much. Wether it is about a college application, or maybe your dream job or basically anything. When you get rejected, it means that this is not the right time and right place for you to be. I thought to myself: ok, this master programme is not for me. There is something somewhere else where I could become happier. I just needed to figure it out. So my second tip is:

2. Don’t be discouraged.

If you really want something, don’t be discouraged after one rejection. So this may not be the right thing for you. But that doesn’t mean that you could do another programme/job/internship. Try to figure out some alternatives. Getting rejected is not the end of the world. Just remember:

3. Think of all the things you already did accomplish.

Be proud of where you already are. Be happy right now, at the present time. You’ve accomplished so many things in life. Try to focus on those things, not the things that didn’t go the way you wanted it to.

Some last words…

Everything will work out in the end. Sometimes you just need to give it a little more time. You will realize that this is what needed to happen to bring you where you are now.

I applied for two other master programme’s and got accepted to both. Now I can choose from two amazing universities. I am super excited to go back to college in September and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Always remember to be proud of who you are and be nice to yourself. And as long as you are happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.

Lots of love,

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